Wine life

by filippo bartolotta

Discover with me the fantastic world of wine​

Come with me in my amazing italian wine journey made of great experiences, in beautiful natural environments, together with great people! Unusual views with their incredible colours, you’ll visit an area full of history and culture tasting the best wines and local delicacies.

Soave: the black&white book (day 2)

“Soave is like an open book with a white page (calcareous soil) and a black page (volcanic soil),” says Lucia while preparing the blind tasting session of the 2023, 2022, 2021, and 2020 vintages in one of the beautiful rooms at the Consorzio Tutela Vini Soave e Recioto di Soave. We have been talking about […]

Exploring Soave wine region day 1

I am on a mission: I am spending a few days in this exceptional wine area to debunk all the great wines to be presented in my Masterclass on Soave Wines for The Drinks Business London on the 24th of June. So this week I am focusing most of my efforts traveling, tasting and learning […]

Cortina d’Ampezzo, a pearl or a whirl?

My mission? To narrate Italy through one of its excellence products: its wine. Italy is a country where cuisine, flavors, architectures, and landscapes change from one region to another. But what am I saying, from one little village to another! The language changes, the culture changes, and the wine changes! In Italy, there’s such richness […]

Keynote speaker at The Vancouver International Wine Festival 2024

“The Wine World is Here” is the payoff of the Vancouver International Wine Festival, which marked its 45th annual edition this year. It stands out as the largest wine festival in the Americas, featuring 8 days of wine tastings from 12 countries, boasting approximately 18,000 admissions, and hosting 42 events across 23 venues. Each year, […]

Why does travel make us feel better?

Travel makes us feel the best of ourselves I am not sure how many can relate to this but I have a feeling that it is a lot of us out there that feel like this.  Travel is exciting, inspiring, challenging and mind opening at once. Getting out of the comfort zone helps us exposing ourselves […]

Vancouver, I’m on my way!

As you read this, I’ll be soaring in the sky, in the best way possible! En route to Vancouver, one of the friendliest cities I’ve ever visited, where people are warm and bike lanes are wider than car lanes. Vancouver hosts the Vancouver International Wine Festival, one of the most significant wine showcases in North […]

My Journey as Keynote Speaker at Vancouver International Wine Festival

The Vancouver International Wine Festival (VIWF) stands as a beacon, providing an enlightening, educational, and entertaining experience for both consumers and the trade of the wine world. It not only serves as a premier marketing opportunity for the wine industry but also contributes to the performing arts in Vancouver. Every year, VIWF celebrates a specific […]

Celebrations at Chianti Classico Collection

In the heart of my city, Florence, one of the most significant events in the world of Chianti Classico recently took place – the Chianti Classico Collection. Held in an exceptional venue like Stazione Leopolda, producers from the stunning region spanning from Florence to Siena had the opportunity to showcase their latest vintages. But this […]

Fancy a trip in Chianti Classico history?

Okay, are you in a rush and only have 5 minutes? Follow me, and I’ll tell you about Chianti Classico from 1716 to today, in the time it takes to eat a sandwich 🙂 It’s an incredible story crafted by visionary individuals deeply in love with their land –Chianti- one of the most captivating wine […]

Sting and his messagge in a bottle… of Amante!

Amante 1530 was conceived two years ago when Sting, Trudie Styler, Ana Rosenstein, Richard Kirshenbaum, and Barry Rosenstein gathered at their Il Palagio estate in Tuscany. Their vision was to create an innovative and modern bitter for shared enjoyment. Involving Len Tessler, Stuart Ellman, and Michael Kassan, they brought Amante 1530 to life, finalizing the […]

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