Valle d'Aosta, Italy

Valle d’Aosta

valle d'aosta

A little alpine paradise
in Northwestern Italy

valle d'aosta
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Valle d'Aosta: the highest vineyards in Europe

Italy’s smallest region, Valle d’ Aosta lies on the northwestern corner of the country, bordering France and Switzerland,  to the south and east with Piedmont. It covers the namesake valley and the surrounding alpine chains, with Monte Bianco being the highest mountain in Western Europe (4810 meters).

Vineyards have prospered on the foothills of the alps of Valle d’ Aosta and on their slopes ever since Roman times. Terraced vineyards planted to Priè Blanc in the townships of Morgex and La Salle are the highest in Europe, peaking at 1200 meters.

Even though volumes are extremely tiny, the wines of Valle d’Aosta enjoy a great reputation among connoisseurs: slim, nuanced, high-acid, and often displaying aromas of freshly picked spontaneous herbs and flowers, they are the perfect reflection of the alpine terroir.

Valle d'Aosta in a Nutshell
  • Area: 3.261 km2 (20th out of 20)
  • Mountain: 100%
  • Highest peak: Mont Blanc (4810 mt) 
  • Population: 123.130 (0,2%)
  • Province: Aosta

Aosta, Italia

Interesting facts about Valle d’Aosta
  • Valle d’Aosta houses the smallest surface under vine in Italy. Low volumes and high demand often result in producers suffering shortages of wine - unlike in most parts of Italy, where excess stock is the most frequent problem.
  • The region is characterized by an extreme continental climate: winter is usually cold and snowy yet daytime temperatures in summer can be considerably higher. The city of Aosta is often one of the warmest in Italy during summer.
  • The vineyards are often terraced and dramatically steep.
  • Yields are among the lowest in Italy, with only 45 hl/ha produced in 2021.
  • Because of the extreme growing conditions, the wines of Valle d’Aosta have become the emblem of heroic viticulture. For this reason, the region has become the headquarters of CERVIM, the national association safeguarding heroic viticulture, and the setting of the Mondial des Vins Extremes (World Championship of Extreme Wines).
  • 68% of the production is red and rosè wine and 32% is white wine.


Wine areas

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Valle d’Aosta

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