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Valle d'Aosta Wine Region

What are the main wine-growing of Valle d’Aosta?

Valle d’Aosta is divided into three different valleys:

  • Valdigne or Upper Valley: Valdigne, also known as Upper Valley, is located south of Courmayeur and is the upper part of Valle d’Aosta. It is crossed by the Dora Baltea, a tributary of the Po. This area is famous for Prié Blanc, a local white grape cultivated on steep terraced vineyards and giving still and sparkling Blanc de Morgex et de la Salle DOC.
  • Central Valley: The Central Valley houses the largest concentration of vineyards and can be further divided into four subzones: Enfer d’Arvier, Torrette, Nus, and Chambave. The first two areas give perfumed red wines from the Petit Rouge grape. Chambave is particularly famous for its Muscat wines, while Nus gives top-notch Pinot Gris.
  • Lower Valley: The Lower Valley is famous for producing red wines from the Nebbiolo grape, locally known as Picotendro. Donnas and Arnad-Montjovet are the main production areas in this valley.

What are the key denominations in Valle d’Aosta?

  • Valle d’Aosta / Vallée d’Aosta: covering the entire region, and accounting for the lion’s share of the total production.
  • Morgex – La Salle: bright and nuanced wines from the highest vineyards in Europe.
  • Chambave: sweet and dry Muscat a Petit Grain from the Central Valley.
  • Nus Malvoisie: a small denomination focusing on Pinot Gris
  • Enfer d’Arvier: light and delicate Petit Rouge-based reds.
  • Torrette: the other prominent denomination devoted to Petit Rouge.
  • Donnas: Nebbiolo-based reds from the lower valley.

Valle d’aosta

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