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valle d'aosta
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Wineries in Valle d’Aosta

It is frankly quite difficult to find a producer in Valle d’ Aosta who doesn’t focus on quality production. 

Valle D'Aosta, vineyards-Italy

What are the most important Wineries in Valle d’Aosta?

Cult Wineries

  • Anselmet
  • Cave Montblanc de Morgex et la Salle
  • Cave De Donnas
  • Les Cretes
  • Grosjean

Up-and-Coming Wineries

  • La Plantze
  • La Source
  • Lo Triolet
  • Rosset Terroir

Natural wine producers

  • Ermes Pavese
  • La Cantina di Cuneaz Nadir

trentino-alto adige (Südtirol)

Curiosities, food and wine pairings and much more

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