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Valle d'Aosta Travel Guide

Where is Valle d’Aosta?

Italy’s smallest region, Valle d’ Aosta lies on the northwestern corner of the country, bordering France and Switzerland. It covers the namesake valley and the surrounding alpine chains, with Monte Bianco being the highest mountain in Western Europe (4810 meters).

What to see in Valle d’Aosta?

  • Aosta: Roman ruins, charming old town
  • Bard: picture-perfect medieval castle
  • Cervinia and Courmayeur: upscale ski resort
  • Morgex and La Salle: awe-inspiring terraced vineyards
  • Gran Paradiso National Park: wildlife, winter sports and hiking. 
  • Cervinia and Mont Blanc

What are the typical dishes of Valle d’Aosta?

The hearty cuisine of Valle d’ Aosta provides enough calories to withstand freezing temperatures during winter. A Fontina DOP, the region’s most famous cheese, makes flavorful fonduta (melted cheese). Cervo in civet (deer stew cooked in red wine) is one a few recipes featuring game as the main ingredients. Fontina is mixed with rice, butter and broth to make Zuppa di Cogne, and tegole valdostane ( thin waffles) make for a  delicious dessert. 

valle d’aosta

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