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Wines in Naples

The Italian Wines of Naples

What wines to drink in Naples? Trentapioli Asprinio – Salvatore Martusciello Winery, Lacryma Christi – Cantine Matrone, Falanghina – Agnanum


Pietro Russo – Winemaker at Donnafugata: Italy’s Newest Master of Wine

Pietro Russo: Italy’s Newest Master of Wine. Pietro Russo is one of the three “Italian Musketeers”

Elena Pantaleoni is a winemaker and founder of La Stoppa Winery. She was born in Sicily, Italy in the town of Ricigliano and has been involved with winemaking her entire life.

Elena Pantaleoni: Crafting Natural Wines at La Stoppa

Discover the art of natural winemaking with Elena Pantaleoni at La Stoppa. Taste the difference in every bottle.

chianti classico collection

Chianti Classico Annata – Tasting report

Delve into the exceptional Chianti Classico Collection Anteprima tasting held in Florence, February 2024. Gain expert insights from Filippo Bartolotta and Raffaele Mosca, as they guide you through the event’s standout wines and their unique characteristics.

Chianti Classico Collection 2024

Chianti Classico: 2022 vintage report and the best wines from the Chianti Classico Collection Tasting 

The 2022 Chianti Classicos are qualitatively consistent, exhibiting finesse and balance, surpassing expectations despite challenges posed by global warming

Fancy a trip in Chianti Classico history?

Okay, are you in a rush and only have 5 minutes? Follow me, and I’ll tell you about Chianti Classico from 1716 to today, in the time it takes to eat a sandwich 🙂 It’s an incredible story crafted by visionary individuals deeply in love with their land –Chianti- one of the most captivating wine […]

Italian Red Wine Vintage Chart: 2000-2022 Selections  

Discover the best vintages of Italian red wines. A comprehensive guide from 2000 to 2022

Chianti Classico Roster

Ten Things You Need to Know About Chianti Classico

The capitals of the Chianti Classico region are Siena and Florence, with the territory spanning across the provinces of these two cities.

Valpolicella – Travel Guide

Valpolicella is a renowned wine region located in northeastern Italy, specifically between the mountains Monte Baldo and Monte Lessini, north of the city of Verona in the Veneto region.



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