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Stage Personality

Filippo effortlessly radiates confidence and composure on stage, whether immersed in video production or addressing a large audience. His ability to captivate and sustain audience engagement extends beyond individual projects, positioning Filippo as a true “broadcasting center” for images, news and information in the realm of food and wine. In the field of social communication, Filippo seamlessly combines academic expertise with a straightforward and intuitive communication style, resulting in the creation of dynamic content. Adapting his approach to each project, he harnesses the full spectrum of social communication tools.

His stage presence has allowed him to host prestigious corporate events for renowned entities such as Land Rover Jaguar, Roccoforte Collection, Italian Hospitality Collection, DHL, Ferrari, Philipp Morris, Lamborghini, Tim, CBS Network, NBC Network, Mercedes, Luxottica, Price Water House Coopers, Ernst & Young, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, BBC UK, CNN International, and NEFF Italia.

Filippo has also actively engaged thousands of enthusiasts, including high-profile celebrities like Barack and Michelle Obama, Jessica Alba, Dustin Hoffman, Emma Thompson, Bryan Adams, John Malkovich, Mario Vargas Llosa, Stephen Colbert, Eminem, Sam Kass, Alice Waters and notable figures such as Wolf Blitzer, Joan Nathan, Daliaand Edward Luttwak.

Filippo’s intensive journey into video storytelling in the world of food and wine has reached thousands of consumer viewers, crafting specialized content for professionals. As the creative force behind the Instagram series “One Minute Wine” Filippo has also served as a special correspondent on the RAI2 program “Dolce QUIZ” alongside chef Ernst Knam. He stands as a central figure in numerous video productions dedicated to promoting and elevating territories and producers.

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