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Wineries of Sardegna

Except for a handful of large players – including the biggest single-block estate in Italy – most wineries in Sardinia are small and family-run. Some of them have a long tradition of making bulk wine, and only started producing bottled wine in recent years. Having eschewed the “industrial revolution” of Italian wine, they still follow an ancestral, low-intervention approach to farming and winemaking.


What are the most important Wineries in Sardegna?

Big Wineries

  • Argiolas
  • Cantina Gallura
  • Cantina Santadi
  • Piero Mancini
  • Sella & Mosca

Cult Producers

  • Agricola Punica
  • Capichera
  • Contini
  • Giovanni Sedilesu
  • Jerzu
  • Sardus Pater

Up-and-Coming Producers

  • Alberto Loi
  • Audarya
  • Depperu
  • G.B. Columbu
  • Jankara
  • Li Duni
  • U’ Tabarka

Natural Wine Producers

  • Antichi Vigneti Manca
  • Giovanni Montisci
  • Pusole
  • Telaruju
  • Tenute Dettori


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Cannonau- sardinia

The 10 best Cannonau di Sardegna to try

Nine out of ten wines in this report were tasted by Raffaele Mosca at the Sardegna di Vinodabere event in Rome in January 2024. Le Anfore di Elena Casadei by Tenuta Olianas was tasted at Vinitaly 2024. Five stars *****  Jankara – Cannonau di Sardegna 2020    This iconic producer from the Gallura subregion – which is […]


Discovering Cannonau di Sardegna: one of Italy’s most underrated red wines

Whenever I taste extensively through Sardinian wines, I get the feeling that this is one of the most underrated regions in Italy, offering a noteworthy quantity of talented small to  medium-size producers who still fall under the radar. Unfortunately, qualitative improvements over the last two decades weren’t matched by proper communication efforts – Sardinians are […]