Central Italy's overlooked gem

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Molise: little-known wines deserving greater attention

Amidst the hills and coasts, Molise tells stories of uncharted lands, profound authenticity, and ancestral traditions. Molise, an oasis of serenity, offers enchanting landscapes and a unique experience of culture and history, away from the beaten path.

A region predominantly mountainous and hilly, Molise stands out for its geographical variety, ranging from snow-capped peaks to sandy shores.

With only 0.7% of the Italian territory, Molise is a small region but surprisingly rich in natural and cultural diversity.

The climate of Molise varies from the interior areas, with cold winters and hot summers, to the coasts, with a mild Mediterranean climate. A region with deep roots, Molise preserves historical testimonies dating back to the Samnite and Roman eras.

Molise Wines in a Nutshell
  • Area: 4.461 km2 (19th out of 20)
  • Mountain: 55,3%
  • Hill: 44,7%
  • Highest peak: Monte Mare (2.124 mt)
  • Population: 290.636 (0,5%)
  • Province: Campobasso, Isernia
Termoli, Molise, Valter Cirillo
Interesting facts about Molise
  • Despite being the second smallest region in Italy, Molise boasts incredible biodiversity, with highly diversified landscapes and fauna. 
  • Molise once used to be part of the Abruzzo and Molise region. Cultural affinities with Abruzzo are especially evident in coastal areas, where trabucchi (fishing engines) often appear. The northern reaches of the region are also part of the Abruzzo, Molise and Lazio national park.


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Discover the Hidden Gem: Molise wine region is a well-kept secret of Italy. Its stunning landscapes and coastal beauty, paired with the allure of genuine Italian wine, create an experience waiting to be uncovered


Discover the Shared Flavors: Molise, in harmony with its neighboring regions of Abruzzo, Puglia, and Campania, embraces grape varieties like Trebbiano, Falanghina, Montepulciano, Sangiovese


The Molise region boasts a varied topography, with hillside vineyards that enjoy optimal exposure to abundant sunshine, creating the ideal conditions for grapes to thrive


Molise, despite its captivating sandy beaches, rugged mountains, and ancient settlements, has managed to remain off the beaten tourist path, often by sheer serendipity.


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