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Marche: not only Verdicchio

Italians will often tell you that Le Marche ranks among the regions with the best quality of life in the country. It’s not hard to understand why: the region is a treasure trove of artistic and natural beauty, with picture-perfect towns scattered among rolling hills that separate the Apennines from the Adriatic coast, often flanked by vineyards and olive groves.

A peaceful retreat tucked between Central and Southern Italy, Molise is still little traveled by wine lovers. Mostly mountainous and hilly, with only 35 kilometers of coastline, the region is characterized by an untouched, verdant rural landscape – not unlike Abruzzo but even wilder and more authentic.
The climate of Molise differs substiantally from the interior areas, where winters are often freezing cold and summers very warm, to the coasts, which benefits from a mild Mediterranean climate. The wines vary accordingly, reflecting an intrication mosaic of different terroirs. The predominance of bulk production means that bottled wine from the region is still relatively hard to find but the best version of Tintilia, Falanghina or Montepulciano are definitely worth seeking out.A 
Marche Wines in a Nutshell
  • Area: 9.401 km2 (15th out of 20)
  • Mountain: 31%
  • Hill: 69%
  • Highest peak: Monte Vettore (2.476 mt)
  • Population: 1.484.298 (2,5%)
  • Provinces: Ascoli Piceno, Fermo, Macerata, Ancona, Pesaro e Urbino
Urbino Marche Italy
Urbino Marche Italy

Interesting facts about Marche
  • River valleys define the landscape of the Marche region, flanked by rolling hills that house vineyards and orchards.
  • he imposing Conero mountain stands in the middle of the mostly flat Adriatic coast of the Marche. Its cliffs dive into the sea, shaping an awe-inspiring landscape.
  • Verdicchio enjoyed commercial success early on thanks to a cunning intuition of Fazi Battaglia, a pioneering producer that adopted eye-catching, amphora-shaped bottles. Such bottles became easily recognizable and fostered the international success of Verdicchio in the 1970s and 1980s
  • The Matelica valley is the only valley in the Central Apennine running north to south instead of east to west. With no sea in sight, it has a continental climate with extreme diurnal swings.
  • 55% of the production is white wine and 45% is red and rosè.


Wine areas

The Marche wine region, with vineyards spanning four provinces, encompasses 13 DOC zones, five DOCG zones, and one IGT designation, resulting in a robust total wine production of around 1.6 million hectoliters.


Marche's top red wines shine with Montepulciano and Sangiovese grapes, crafting the fragrant Rosso Conero Riserva, complemented by Ciliegiolo, Pinot Nero, Lacrima di Morro, and notably, Vernaccia Nera


The Marche wine region stands out due to its varied climate and terrain, creating an ideal setting for wine production.


Le Marche Region: A Hidden Gem Awaits. Explore a Delightful Landscape Adorned with Charming Medieval Towns and Hilltop Villages


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