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Wineries in Lombardia

Nowhere in Italy will you find a similar mix of forward-thinking entrepreneurs who have crafted commercially successful wines out of nothing and small growers who eschew fashions and continue to keep ancient traditions alive.

Franciacorta, Vineyard, Lombardia, Italy

What are the most important Wineries in Lombardia?


Big Wineries

  • Berlucchi
  • Bellavista
  • Ca’ del Bosco
  • Contadi Castaldi
  • Terre d’Oltrepò

Cult Wineries

  • Ar.Pe.Pe
  • Castello Bonomi
  • Castello di Cicognola
  • Enrico Gatti
  • Frecciarossa
  • Monsupello
  • Il Mosnel
  • Nino Negri
  • Ricci Curbastro

Up-and-Coming Wineries

  • Ballabio
  • Banino
  • Camillucci
  • Conte Vistarino
  • Mamete Prevostini
  • Picchioni
  • Rainoldi
  • Tenuta Mazzolino
  • Vezzoli

Natural Wine Producers

  • Barbacàn
  • Ca’ del Vent
  • Divella
  • Giorgio Merc


Curiosities, food and wine pairings and much more

White soils in Oltrepo’ Pavese

While driving through Oltrepò Pavese, I couldn’t resist the temptation to stop the car and admire the incredible landscapes and soils. Just look at how vibrant they are!

Journey to the Oltrepò Pavese kingdom

The Oltrepò Pavese, known for its exquisite grape cultivation, had few labels carrying its name despite its beauty.