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Journalist and Author

Filippo Bartolotta is not just a professional taster – he is an experience journalist with a discerning nose that allows him to explore and interpret the aromas within each sip of wine. Over the last 25 years, he has dedicated himself to the art of professional tasting, participating in major wine shows and reviewing thousands of wines for a number of esteemed publications.

Beyond the world of wine, Filippo’s expertise extends to diverse realms, including cheese, extra virgin olive oil (EVO), balsamic vinegar, coffee and chocolate. He is also a certified professional chocolate taster and that showcases the breadth of his sensory abilities.

As a member of the Order of the Italian Journalists, Filippo channels his tasting experiences into compelling narratives about wines and producers. His writings grace the pages of reputable publications such as Decanter Magazine UK, Mamablip.com and he serves as the Italian correspondent for The Drinks Business UK.

Beyond his journalistic contributions, Filippo has distilled his extensive professional journey into a captivating book, “Di Che Vino Sei? Discover the wine tailored for you” published by Giunti Editore. Not only this work reflects his personal experience: it also delves into the psychology of taste, capturing the essence of his profound knowledge of people and the nuanced psychology of flavor.

Filippo’s unique sensory analysis skills are seamlessly interwoven with a cultural sensitivity that goes beyond the realms of taste. He is a natural-born motivator, inspiring and connecting with audiences on a deeper level.

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From a passion to a profession, a journey that started in London and has taken him all around the world as an educator, wine communicator, and ambassador of the Italian lifestyle


Special events, special people, special wines!

Sting and his messagge in a bottle… of Amante!

Amante 1530 was conceived two years ago when Sting, Trudie Styler, Ana Rosenstein, Richard Kirshenbaum, and Barry Rosenstein gathered at their Il Palagio estate in Tuscany. Their vision was to create an innovative and modern bitter for shared enjoyment. Involving Len Tessler, Stuart Ellman, and Michael Kassan, they brought Amante 1530 to life, finalizing the […]

Steven Colbert special night at the Late Show!

Absolutely thrilled to have delighted Steven’s guests with an incredible Italian Wine Journey! What a fantastic evening! And some years before… Can you notice the brushes in the background? We’ve just wrapped up a cooking class at my mom’s place, guided by her, a top-notch Sicilian chef with a 5-star touch!

Jennifer Garner, olive trees and great view tasting

They say Italians use gestures… I confirm! I need my whole body to narrate the fermentation of wine, the process of transforming sugars into alcohol, a natural process that has been happening for centuries and produces thousands of different wines! Jennifer and her guests, surrounded by a profusion of olive trees and the scents of […]

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