friuli venezia giulia

friuli venezia giulia
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Wineries in Friuli Venezia Giulia

Friuli Venezia Giulia houses some of the most important white wine producers in Italy. It is easy to divide them into two groups: those who focus on conventional whites, without maceration on the skins and with an emphasis on precision and oenological precision, and those who have pioneered orange wine production, resorting to biodynamicsspontaneous fermentations, and aging in oak or amphora to reinforce the unique and game-changing identity of their iconic wines.


What are the most important WinerieS in Friuli Venezia Giulia?


Big Wineries

  • Castello di Spessa
  • Jermann
  • Fantinel
  • Forchir
  • Livio Felluga
  • Marco Felluga

Cult Wineries

  • Damijan Podversic
  • Gravner
  • Lis Neris
  • Kante
  • Miani
  • Radikon
  • Ronchi di Cialla
  • Vie di Romans
  • Villa Russiz
  • Venica & Venica
  • Volpe Pasini

Up-and-Coming Wineries

  • Borgo del Tiglio
  • Castelvecchio
  • Edi Keber
  • Mitja Sirk
  • Primosic
  • Vignai da Duline

Natural Wine Producers

  • Bressan
  • Denis Montanar
  • Dario Princic
  • Franco Terpin
  • Le Due Terre
  • Paraschos
  • Skerk
  • Vodovipec

friuli venezia giulia

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