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Life is made up of intuitions and passions, the same ingredients needed to produce a good wine.

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Filippo, an enthusiast of life

Filippo is an enthusiastic individual who loves his profession and believes in what he does. It’s precisely because of his belief that he managed to turn his passion for the world of wine and his storytelling ability into his profession, almost a life mission.

He is tireless, and his mind races faster than his legs, always projecting towards the future.

Fueled by a positive mindset, Filippo believes that anything is possible, living by the motto “where there’s a will, there is a way.” He doesn’t dwell on problems but seeks alternative paths to bring his projects to life.

His socks will always be shockingly patterned and he won’t miss a beat if asked about your birthday, but if you inquire about the world of wine, he can recount dozens of stories, impressions, and tastes. He can also discuss philosophy, art, and music in a way that enriches your understanding.

It’s in connecting with people that Filippo thrives, reflecting his belief that, much like wine, life is about exploration, exchange, and unity.

After securing the second position at the Junior World Championships and winning the Italian Wild Water Canoe Championship twice (and that was a source of great pride!) Filippo obtained a degree in Economics from the University of Florence in 1999.

He continued his studies at the Institute of Higher European Studies in Den Haag (Netherlands), where he attended a Master’s in International Marketing and subsequently earned wine-related certifications from institutions like the Wine and Spirit Education Trust in London and the Enoteca Italiana in Siena.

Filippo started his career as a wine professional by working as a “Corporate wine tasting manager” at Vinopolis, the world’s largest interactive wine museum in London, under the mentorship of Steven Spurrier.

During his experience in London, Filippo commenced a collaboration with Decanter Magazine as a judge and journalist.

In 2006 he started writing for Guida dei Vini d’Italia by “L’Espresso”.

Since 2022 Filippo has been the Italian correspondent for The Drinks Business UK.

In 2003 Filippo started working on educational projects focusing on wine communication, sensory analysis, history and anthropology of wine, as well as on territorial marketing.

Filippo has taught courses at several institutions including the Bocconi University in Milan, NYU, Politecnico di Milano, IED, Accademia di Palazzo al Piano, Alma Graduate School, Istituto Europeo di Design, and Giunti Academy.

Since 2004 he has been a lecturer at The Communication Science Department of the University of Siena and from 2018 onwards he has been the tutor of the Valpolicella Education Program.

Having qualified as a Travel Agency Technical Director, he co-founded Le Baccanti Tours, a travel agency specializing in high-profile experiences centered around the Italian Lifestyle, with a focus on Food & Wine; Filippo started designing food & wine tours and exclusive luxury tours, accompanying guests from all over the world to discover the most awe-inspiring places in Italy. He designed products like “Make your own wine“, “The Wine Challenge” and “Somm in 60 minutes” leading team-building and networking activities and organizing corporate and private events.

From his mamma Anna, an excellent Sicilian cook, Filippo inherited sensory expertise and culinary mastery. After hosting Stephen Colbert for lunch in Anna’s kitchen, in 2014 he co-founded MamaFlorence, a cooking school where guests from around the world have had the opportunity to refine their culinary skills in the heartwarming setting of an Italian kitchen.

In 2020 he co-founded the MamaBlip, an online wine and cooking school, which was then transformed into “The Grapetrotter” in 2023.

Di Che Vino Sei, scopri il vino su misura per te” Giunti Editore

A tool and a game that helps understanding wine and finding what is likely to suit one’s taste!


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