Fancy a trip in Chianti Classico history?

Okay, are you in a rush and only have 5 minutes? Follow me, and I’ll tell you about Chianti Classico from 1716 to today, in the time it takes to eat a sandwich ­čÖé

It’s an incredible story crafted by visionary individuals deeply in love with their land –Chianti- one of the most captivating wine regions globally, nestled between two of the most beautiful cities in the world, Florence and Siena.

In 1716, it all started with one person, the GranDuke of Tuscany but today, there are hundreds of Chianti Classico producers and the Chianti Classico Collection is their moment: every year, industry professionals like journalists and importers, as well as wine enthusiasts, come here to discover the new vintages, the new wines that you’ll soon find on sale.