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The visionary man behind the inception of the first Italian wine tours in 1999 with the English agency Le Baccanti Ltd., Filippo Bartolotta has become a highly esteemed wine consultant. Drawing from his intimate connection with the Italian wine culture, he transmits his expertise to High-End consumers and B2B operators.

A motivational trainer and adept team builder, Filippo is passionate about disseminating his knowledge through Educational Press Tours and Food & Wine discovery trips. These immersive journeys unveil the eno-gastronomic richness of Italy, guided by a taste mentor who expertly navigates the selection of exquisite dishes paired with the finest wines, all within the most exclusive setting. Filippo’s academic approach and fervor for teaching are transformative tools, turning educational tours across Italy into unforgettable experiences. He plays a pivotal role in designing programs, conducting masterclasses and acting as a cultural mediator, bridging the gap between international collectors, journalists and the diverse Italian territories.

With a wealth of experience in Luxury Hospitality food & wine, Filippo imparts his knowledge on tasting methods, wine communication and wine hospitality to professionals. His expertise extends to crafting tailored experiences in the best food and wine destinations. What truly captivates Filippo is his immersion in the reality of producers and territories – through customer visits, he unravels the essence of each location. Technical tastings, qualitative analysis and the exchange of knowledge acquired over 25 years in close collaboration with some of the world’s most influential chefs and oenologists underscore his commitment to excellence.

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From a passion to a profession, a journey that started in London and has taken him all around the world as an educator, wine communicator, and ambassador of the Italian lifestyle


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