Celebrations at Chianti Classico Collection

In the heart of my city, Florence, one of the most significant events in the world of Chianti Classico recently took place – the Chianti Classico Collection.

Held in an exceptional venue like Stazione Leopolda, producers from the stunning region spanning from Florence to Siena had the opportunity to showcase their latest vintages. But this year is no ordinary year; it marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Chianti Classico Consortium, represented by the iconic Black Rooster. And that’s not all; the festivities also encompass the 10-year celebration of the Gran Selezione.

The Chianti Classico Collection served as an outstanding platform for the introduction of new vintages, allowing each producer to share their unique stories and expressions of this exceptional terroir. Stazione Leopolda, with its extraordinary charm, provided an ideal setting, elevating the experience of exploring the diverse offerings from this renowned wine-producing region.

As we delved into the tasting experience, the wines revealed the diverse terroir and the unique expressions that make Chianti Classico wines exceptional. From the traditional Chianti to the Gran Selezione, each glass offered a glimpse into the evolution of winemaking techniques, showcasing a perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

The iconic Black Rooster, symbolizing the Consortium, stood proudly at the center of the celebration, embodying a century-long commitment to excellence and the preservation of Chianti Classico’s rich winemaking traditions.