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Calabria Travel Guide

Where is Calabria located?

Calabria, it extends between the Strait of Messina, which separates the region from Sicily, and the Gulf of Taranto on the Ionian coast.

What to see in Calabria?

  • Tropea: picturesque town on a rocky cliff overlooking sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters 
  • Costa degli Dei: wonderful coastal landscapes and rocky bay
  • Arcomagno: awe-inspiring beach with a natural arch 
  • Cattolica di Stilo: UNESCO-protected Byzantine church
  • Sila mountains: paradise for hikers and nature lovers 
  • Reggio Calabria: natural archeological museum, housing the Riance bronzes
  • Cosenza: old town 
  • Le Castella: medieval castle lapped by the sea.
  • Scilla: picture-perfect fishing village.

What are the typical dishes of Calabria?

Licorice and ‘nduja are the emblems of Calabrian gastronomy. The latter is a spreadable spicy salami made with pork meat and Calabria pepper. 

Fileja ( twisted and elongated pasta) goes well with vegetables and the world-famous Cipolla di Tropea (onion), which always stands out of its delicate yet intense aromatics. Swordfish “ghiotta” with onions, capers and tomato sauce is one of the most popular dishes.

Caciocavallo silano DOP is just one of the many cheeses produced along the Calabrian apennines. Last but not least, pitta’ mpigliata is an ancient dessert prepared with dried fruits, honey, spices, and tangerine liqueur. 


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