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Viticulture in Calabria

What are the grape varieties in Calabria?

  • Gaglioppo: the key red grape of Calabria, Cirò gives medium-bodied reds with a light ruby color and aromas recalling red berries, licorice, and herbs. Most versions are simple and affordable, with powdery tannins making for a slightly rustic mouthfeel, but the best ones show excellent complexity and age surprisingly well. Rosè Gaglioppo is also captivating, usually showing good fruit-acid balance. 
  • Magliocco: rather than a single grape, Magliocco may be a family of different grapes, including Magliocco Dolce, Guarnaccia and Magliocco Canico. Given that these varieties are hardly ever vinified alone, outlining a profile may prove difficult. Generally speaking, wines labeled as Magliocco tend to be darker and riper than Gaglioppo, with intense aromas of sweet black fruits, and smooth tannins supporting a medium to full-structure. 
  • White native grapes: widespread native white varieties include Greco Bianco – completely different from Greco di Tufo and giving Cirò Bianco, a light and slightly aromatic white wine – as well as Mantonico Bianco and Pecorello, yielding crisp and slightly herbal wines, and Moscatello di Saracena.

Other key grapes: 

  • Aglianico
  • Calabrese (Nero d’Avola)
  • Nerello Mascalese 


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