What is Aosta Valley known for?

Aosta Valley: Ruins of Castello di Graines in Aosta Valley, showcasing ancient stone walls and scenic mountain backdrop.

By Lele Gobbi.

Surrounded by Europe’s most important mountain chain, the Aosta Valley is an alpine community in complete harmony with nature, located in the far north-west of Italy. It is the smallest region in Italy in terms of surface area and population, but it offers endless opportunities to the visitor, satisfying nature lovers, explorers and winter sports enthusiasts, without disappointing those who wish to seek out art and traditions.

Monte Bianco e Monte Rosa

Bounded by Europe’s largest mountain range (the Mont Blanc and Monte Rosa massifs), the Valle d’Aosta represents, without a shadow of a doubt, mountains in their entirety, particularly from the point of view of tourism.

Aosta Valley History

In spite of the environmental challenges, the Aosta Valley shows signs of human endeavor from prehistoric times. In fact, there are many traces of an Alpine society, such as the countless rural houses, chapels, terraces, and the typical “ru,” channels dug into the rock or suspended on daring structures built to direct the water of the torrents into cultivated areas.

Aosta Valley: A Link Between Northern and Southern Europe

Equally interesting is the visible evidence, in the form of paths, mule tracks, and carriage roads, that reveal the region as an important link between northern and southern Europe. This area was already an international transit area under the Romans, whose presence left numerous signs along the road of the Gauls (“la strada delle Gallie”), which from Ivrea climbed to the passes of Alpis Poenina (Gran San Bernardo) and Alpis Graia (Piccolo San Bernardo), with the bridges of Pont-Saint-Martin, Châtillon, Pondel (Cogne), and Aosta.

Aosta Valley – Today

For its breath-taking landscapes at an average altitude of over 2000 metres; for its peaks that have made mountaineering history; for its hiking routes in still wild valleys; for its well-known Alpine ski resorts; and above all for its very wild and unspoilt, in short, authentic nature!

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