Wineries in Abruzzo

Cooperative wineries have always had a prominent role in Abruzzo, gathering small growers and accounting for the vast majority of the total wine output. While quantity has been their main focus for a long time, some of them have proved capable of producing high quality wine in the last twenty years.
On the other hand, the region has always housed a few large and internationally renowned private wineries and some long-running producers who make high quality, small-production wines that have achieved cult status among connoisseurs. In recent years, an ever-increasing quantity of young individuals has followed in their footsteps, bringing new energies to the regional production scene.

Abruzzo, Gran Sasso

What are the most important Wineries in Abruzzo?

Big Wineries

  • Cantina Tollo
  • Citra
  • Cantina Frentana
  • Masciarelli
  • Pasetti
  • Zaccagnini

Cult Wineries

  • Camillo Montori
  • Cataldi Madonna
  • Emidio Pepe
  • Illuminati
  • La Valentina
  • Nicodemi
  • Tiberio
  • Torre dei Beati
  • Valle Reale
  • Valentini

Up-and-coming Wineries

  • Cerulli Spinozzi
  • Cingilia
  • De Melis
  • Fontefico
  • Nic Tartaglia
  • Tenuta I Fauri

Natural wine producers

  • Bossanova
  • Cirelli
  • De Fermo
  • Di Cato
  • Lammidia
  • Marina Palusci
  • Praesidium
  • Tenuta Terraviva


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