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Abruzzo Travel Guide

Where is located Abruzzo?

Located in central-southern Italy over a predominantly mountainous and wild territory where the pristine peaks and rocky high mountains are home to skiing and winter sports resorts.

The mountain range of the eastern Abruzzo Apennines Monti della Laga, Maiella, and Gran Sasso rise at a short distance from the sea all the way up to almost 3000m asl, marking a clear climatic division between the internal areas and the maritime area, protecting the latter from humid air masses coming from the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Lake Barrea, Abruzzo, Italy

What to see in Abruzzo?

  • L’Aquila: renaissance basilicas of San Bernardino and Santa Maria di Collemaggio, Fountain of the 99 Spouts, Abruzzo National Museum.
  • Pescara: sandy beaches, Museo dell’Ottocento, birth house of poet Gabriele D’Annunzio.
  • Chieti: National Archaeological Museum, Cathedral of San Giustino, Teatro Marrucino.
  • Teramo: Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, Roman Amphitheatre, Palazzo Delfico.
  • Atri: medieval Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta with renaissance frescoes, and Calanchi d’Atri (gullies) reserve. 
  • Sulmona: picture-perfect Piazza Garibaldi hosting the Madonna che Scappa (escaping Madonna) ritual, Medieval Aqueduct, Hermitage of Sant’Onofrio al Morrone.
  • Scanno: charming town and lake amidst the mountains.
  • Rocca Calascio: one of the highest castles in Europe. 
  • Campo Imperatore and Roccaraso: renowned ski resorts.
  • Abruzzo National Park: wildlife and hiking.
  • Ortona: medieval castle, tomb of St. Thomas, Costa dei Trabocchi cycle/pedestrian path overlooking the Adriatic coast.
  • Vasto: sandy beaches, Punta Aderci Natural Reserve.
Arrosticini, abruzzo, italy

What are the typical dishes of Abruzzo?

Mountain pastures house a huge quantity of sheeps.

In fact, Abruzzo’s most iconic dish, arrosticini, consists of char-grilled sheep skewers. Pecora alla callara (sheep stew) is another famous recipe, and Pecorino di Farindola is the region’s most famous cheese.

Pallotte cac’ e ove (egg and cheese balls with tomato sauce) make for a flavorful vegetarian starter, while typical first courses include chitarra alla teramana (handmade pasta with small meatballs), pasta alla mugnaia (thick handmade pasta with tomato sauce), and maccheroni with three-meat ragù.

Scrippele ‘mbusse (savory crepes dipped in chicken broth) are typical of the province of Teramo. In the southern province of Chieti, you will find spicy ventricina salami (with Altino peppers) and Brodetto alla vastese, a flavorful Adriatic fish soup with tomato sauce.

As for the sweets, bocconotti ( chocolate sweets) and sise delle Monache (pastries filled with cream) from the village of Guardiagrele are a must-try.


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