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Knowing wine , starting from the ABC , means approaching a complex world and very different subjects, whose trait-d’union is the link between wine , the territory and the work of man.


In this introductory module, we will explore the importance of grapes in wine production , studying its composition and the process that leads to the transformation of its juice into wine. We will also delve deeper into the different types of wine , revealing the secrets behind their unique flavors and the aspects that link wine consumption to health .


Grapes are the fruit of the vine , and are composed primarily of water, sugars , organic acids, tannins and a wide range of aromatic compounds . Here we will explore the characteristics of these components and their role in giving wine its distinctive flavours, aromas and organoleptic characteristics. From the moment the grapes are harvested until the wine is bottled, we will guide you through the winemaking process , explaining the stages of fermentation, maceration, clarification and aging that transform the must into a finished product.


The world of wine is incredibly diverse, with a vast range of styles and types reflecting the different regions, grape varieties and winemaking techniques used . In our journey, we will explore white , red , rosé wines , dessert wines and sparkling wines , learning to recognize the characteristics that distinguish them. We will discover the most renowned wine-growing regions and the grape varieties that are capable of producing wines of exceptional quality. Furthermore, we will share valuable tips on how to taste wine , learning to evaluate its colour , aroma, taste and structure .


We cannot ignore health aspects when it comes to wine. Carefully, we will address the limits and precautions necessary to enjoy the potential benefits without falling into excess.

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